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Let's look at the Design Process Adopted in DesignReply

We take pride in having created some of the most appealing and stunning brands for our customers
that have been well received in the industry as well

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Design Brief

This is the first step in the logo designing process where the DesignReply Team interacts with the client to understand about the company/brand, the target audience, existing color scheme if any and other specific requirements and suggestions the client has in his mind. It is important to understand these factors as it would enable the design team to understand, whether the client wants to include any existing characteristics into the logo or wants a new logo to be created in a fresh perspective.

Industry Research

Once all the required information is gathered from the client, our Design Specialist works on the information gathered from the client. The Design Specialist post is occupied some of the best creative minds in the country sourced from of the top-notch design institutes around the country.


These Design Specialists form a bridge between the client and the designer and provide all the necessary information related to the latest trends in the industry, company vision and compare with his competitors etc. Based on the research, he provides information for the design team to obtain a basic idea about the logo.

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Draft Design

The process of creating a blueprint / draft involves putting together the information obtained during the research in different perspective. An effective logo requires a killer slogan and hence, the team comes up with related keywords and create multiple slogans based on the keywords. With the ideas and slogans in place, the design slowly takes into shape. Initially the draft is sketched in paper and once approved within the company, it is time to recreate it on the system. The sketches in paper comes to life with added colors and symbols and a final blueprint of the logo comes to life.

Iteration & Submission

The Relationship Manager takes control from here and communicates with the client to get his views on the blueprint / draft created by the designer. Normally the draft that is sent to the client will not consist of a single design, but multiple logos in different fonts, symbols and slogans, so the client can choose the best possible logo that he seems perfect for his company.Based on the feedback obtained from the client, the final draft is delivered encompassing all the revisions made by the client.

Once the client approves the final draft, the design team create various output formats of the logo including popular web formats like .jpg, .png and also including the source file of the logo in Adobe Illustrator format .ai.

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