Money-Back Policy

If you are wondering that how you can get a Money-Back?

1. You can get 100% money-back if you order accidentally and you inform that us within 02 hours before we start the process then we will money-back without any questions.

2. Once we start processing your order and you ask for a money-back within 24 hrs. then 10% amount of the package will be charged as a processing fees.

3. Once the first design samples is sent to you & for whatever reason you change your mind and ask for a money-back then 50% amount of the package will be charged.

4. Once the initial design samples are sent to you & If you provided us the revision to re-work then no money-back will be available in any-case.

To get your money-back you have to inform us same day within official timings Mon-Sat 10am-6pm to via email only, no money-back will be available if you communicate via phone calls, messages, whatsapp etc.

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